Sarah Elizabeth is an Ottawa based photographer who specializes in weddings, portraits, family photography. Inspired by the diversity of people and the love shared between families, couples and friends, she captures each moment with her journalistic approach and editorial composition.


My goal, as a professional photographer, is to provide my clients with lasting, cherishable memories.  I want our session together to be fun and exciting! I know it's not every day that you can gather up your loved ones for a photo-shoot, so I know how important our time together is. I strive wholeheartedly to take real, candid photos that are full of love and light so that you have these memories, with some of the most important people in your life, to look  back on.  I want you to be able to flip through the pages of your album and relive those moments and cherish them for all that they are. 



Hi, I'm Sarah and there is nothing I love more than capturing love and emotion through my lens! This is what makes my career so incredible. Because photography is my passion, I devote a lot of time and effort into mastering my craft. Nothing compares to seeing the happiness that exudes from my clients after their session.  I truly feel as though I have the best job in the world. When I'm not taking pictures, I love cooking, playing records and curling up with a glass of wine. Dogs are awesome (especially mine, hehe) and family is super important to me. I love going to the Glebe on a Sunday afternoon and poking around the record store and getting a gelato. I have a pretty wicked acoustic guitar but don't play as often as I should. I paint from time to time and go on YouTube way too much. 


Meet Nicky. She is another one of my awesome assistants. She enjoys: “scenic drives, groundhog day, skates on the canal, snowmen, honey nut cheerios, breakfast foods, breakfast for dinner, potlucks, parties, party purses, cups of tea (loose leaf, but tea bags are acceptable), groundhog day, sweaters, fruits and veggies, fish tacos at Joey’s, cheeseburger pizza, summer, weddings, double rainbows, double rainbows at weddings, hikes, camping, cottages, beach bike rides, quality time with friends and family, hot chocolate, chocolate, animals, chocolate animals, groundhog day, learning new knitting pattern, ukulele lessons (on YouTube), CBC radio, music, movies, movies about music, reading books, reading magazines, technology (always and forever), Megan’s art, Sarah’s pictures, making lists of likes… groundhog day.”


Meet Chanel. She is another one of my incredible assistants. Here’s a little bit about her: “I’m a proud team member of Sarah Elizabeth Photography! Being a part of capturing precious moments in people’s lives is a truly fulfilling experience for me. I love working with Sarah because of her passion and joy in bringing out the best in each moment. Aside from photography, I specialize in Illustration and Graphic Design. I’m the kind who loves devoting time to creative and meaningful projects that bring joy to others! A few things that I love are, summer, trying new foods, learning new things, coffee, lip balm (I have more than any normal person should own), subway’s oatmeal cookies, painting, singing, writing and being a mother.”