Ottawa Rideau Canal. UFO siting or shutter-speed effect?

I was walking along the Ottawa canal the other night and snapped this pic. I forgot how much fun playing with shutter speed can be.

When I got my first real camera, we were inseparable. I couldn't go anywhere without it. Every birthday I attended, every family gathering I was a part of, every walk in the park, I'd almost always have my eye pressed upon the viewfinder. I was constantly experimenting and trying to create some sort of image. I could tell it would start to annoy my friends and family because as soon as they'd go to speak to me, I'd say "STAY RIGHT THERE... DO NOT MOVE!!"... Snap, snap, snap!! But, people ultimately understood that me and my camera were in our honeymoon phase... Luckily for me, this passion slowly, but surely, turned into my profession. Now, I can't say that I bring my camera outside of "work" as much as I used to, but every once in a while, I will make the effort to bring my camera out on a play-date. Afterall, there always pictures to be taken and new images to be created :)