Now offering After Sessions!

Attention! New for 2016! I'm happy to announce that I now offer After Sessions in selected wedding collections, or it can be added to a collection!  "What is that? " you may ask yourself. Well, if you don't already know, let me tell you a little bit about it! An After Session is a photo session that I have with the Bride and Groom after the wedding day. It can be anywhere from right after the wedding, to several months after the wedding day. This is a great opportunity for a bunch of reasons! Firstly, you'll be able to get all dressed up again in your wedding attire. It's always fun to get fancy! Secondly, you get to spend that time together again, getting some lovely photos of the two of you, but without the stress of the day weighing you down since weddings can be so fast passed and chaotic.  Thirdly, maybe you want more freedom as far as location goes. On your wedding day you might not have been limited and not had the time to travel to that perfect photo op location. However,  now it could be planned around your desires!  Fourthly, lack of time. Maybe between leaving the church and getting to the reception to greet all of your wonderful guests, you simply just didn't have enough time to get those photos taken of just the two of you. And last but not least, perhaps you simply just want a second chance at those important photos! :-)