Urban Juice Press

While walking down Spencer Street about to go back to my car, I came across this cool looking building with a sign outside of the store entrance that read "Delicious, Organic, Made-to-Order Smoothie" Since I love all of these words, I thought I'd check it out. At first glance, I was already impressed with the simple, urban, industrial but rustic, cozy space. I was greeted by Justin who was quick to welcome us into his shop. He then gave a little explanation of how they make the juices and offered us samples to try. Even though I wanted to try all of them because they all looked so nutrient packed and yummy,  I tried Green Energy and Immune Supercharge, they were both delicious! I love it when there's vegetables in a juice but they go nearly undetected.  I ended up picking Immune Supercharge because it's beautifully colored (from the beet), so fresh tasting, lemony and slightly sweet. Even the bottle is lovely to look at!

Check it out here:

urban juice press