How to Have an At Home Spa Day

Ahhhh, spa days. How magical you are. The soothing music, the smell of mint and eucalyptus, the satisfying feeling of salt granules getting massaged into your skin. As you lay back and close your eyes, it's almost as if all of your troubles melt away and get poured down that cool little drain that's attached to those comfy spa chairs... Everyone deserves a little "me" time now and again. However, there are definitely some ways you can treat yourself at home if you  want to save money or simply don't have the time to go. Here's what I do when I want a relaxing night in or when I want to get the most out of my Sundays. 

Invite Friends Over- This is a great activity you can do with your best buds. If you go to the spa with your friends you can do this together, too! You could even send out little invitations because how cute would that be!?

Get Supplies- Think about what parts of your body you want to focus on: your feet, hands, body and/or face. Then get the necessary items you'll need such as nail polish, an emery board, foot cream, foot soak, exfoliator, face mask, moisturizer, cucumbers (for your eyes), lemon (for your water), etc. If you don't have any of this stuff at home it may seem like a big list, but don't forget that you'll be able to use a lot of these things time and time again! I found most of these items at my local beauty supply store. I also suggest getting a little tub for your feet if you wish to soak them, I got mine at the dollar store. 

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Music- Don't forget the tunes! Put on whatever kind of music relaxes you the most. Personally, I like nature music. Nothing is more soothing than the sound of wind rustling through the trees or water running through a river. 

Call a Babysitter- If you're a mom, then I am sure you are overdue for some "you time". Try to find someone to look after your kids so you have no distractions. 

Set-up in Your Favorite Space- Choose a room that you love, feel most comfortable in and that is quiet. Doing this in your backyard on a beautiful day would also be amazing!

Hydrate- I like making lemon water when I do this because it's delicious, good for you and mimics the spa experience even more. 

Relax! Now that you have everything you need you can sit back, relax and let that face mask dry!

Happy Spa-ing!

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