Including your pet in your wedding

Your pet is a member of your family so you may be considering including him/her in your wedding. I mean, they're adorable so it would be a great photo op and perhaps it's important to you both to share this moment with them! This can be a creative way to put a unique/super cute spin on things but there are some things you should consider.

Stress: Weddings can be action packed, loud and chaotic, so it's important to make sure your pet is comfortable with this sort of environment. 

Venue: Make sure the venue that you're using allows animals.

Allergies: Make sure that the people who attending your wedding know that you'll be bringing your pet, as there may be some that are very allergic to your furry friend.

Time: Pets can add extra time to your day because they can be unpredictable. Unless of course they are well-trained and you know what to expect from them.

Kids: Make sure your pet is good around people, especially kids. It's very likely that the kids who may be at your wedding will want to play with your pet, so make sure they're not prone to nipping or biting. 

Appearance: Having your pet make a brief appearance instead of being there for the whole day may be an option. Just make sure you organize a plan of where they'll go after and who can help with this. 

Thanks to my pup for helping me out in this little photo-shoot :)

His attire: This was quickly made out of paper, but I have seen this sort of thing (the real deal) at PetSmart. If you can't find them there, I'm sure you can order them online!

wedding dog
wedding posing
dog jump
groom bowtie