For Brides: How to Prepare for your "Getting Ready" Shots on your Wedding Day

If you've chosen me to come take photos of you as you get ready (it's recommended to have these shots taken), this can be a great opportunity for us to get some really memorable shots. It allows me to capture the special time that you're with some of your closest family and friends. Here are some ways that you can help prepare for beautiful and awesome photos! 

Windows: Working with natural light is wonderful, so open up those blinds if you can!

The Details: This is the time that I would use to take photos of the details, so please have those ready for when I arrive. Your ring, shoes, jewelry, perfume, flowers, something that carries sentimental value, etc. may all be important accessories for your day! 

Group Shots: I like to get some nice group shots while I have everyone together. Setting aside some time to have photos taken of you with those who are with you in this moment is a beautiful thing. 

Bridal Portraits: I think it's super important for me to catch the moments before you marry the love of your life. So I recommend making some time for us to get some nice photos of you either before you put your wedding dress on, after, or both! 

Parents First Look: I love having the opportunity to capture the reaction of a bride's father, or mother, when they see their daughter in full wedding attire before walking down the aisle. 

A Little Something Extra: If your bridesmaids are getting ready with you, you may want to jazz up these photos by getting some matching robes, for example. You could get initials embroidered on them, or have them say "bridesmaid" on the back, it's a really cute idea and a great keepsake!

Tidy Space: I know that weddings can be super hectic, but try your best to have a clean environment since I'll be taking lots of photos! :)

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