Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Cake

This may seem like a simple element of a wedding until you really start to think about it… You might be asking yourself questions like, “What flavor do we get?  What if we love chocolate AND vanilla? What style do we get? What’s our budget? How big does this cake have to be if it’s going to feed all of our guests? What if we run out of cake!?” I know it can seem a little overwhelming because there are just so many options out there, but I truly believe there is a perfect cake out there for everyone.

Flavor: Since there are so many cake flavor options it’s important to go taste some cakes so you can choose which one you love the most. And I mean, this is a perfect excuse to spend your day, evening, morning, whatever, eating cake!

Style: The thing with cake is, is that it can take so many shapes. There are some really amazing cake artists out there! Have you ever seen cakes that are just so beautiful that you don’t want to eat them?  Me too! Pinterest can be a great way to do some research. The possibilities are endless! Don’t be scared to do something a little different, cake can look as fun as it tastes! Think about the style of your wedding and try to incorporate that into the cake with colors and textures. Accessories can really add some life to your cake as well, such as edible flowers and the cake stand.  

Budget: It’s important to talk to the cake provider and let them know what your budget is so that they can help you design the wedding cake of your dreams, at a price that doesn’t take a huge bite out of your budget.

Size: This is something the cake provider can help you with. They will likely know roughly how many people their cakes will serve. If you are having a lot of guests it’s better to overestimate than underestimate as you can always freeze the rest or give it away. If you’ve fallen in love with a certain cake style that just won’t feed all of your guests, think about having a smaller cake and some cupcakes!

Happy caking!