How to Get Perfect Wedding Nails

Having beautiful nails on your wedding day is an accessory that is just as important as what necklace or earrings you're going to wear! It's something that shouldn't be forgotten. If you're unsure of what you want to do, here are some options:

The Look- Think about what kind of look you want for your nails. You can opt for something natural, a show-stealer or something in between.  Either way it's important that it goes with your overall look.

Spa Day- What's better than having the perfect excuse to treat yourself to the Spa? You could even plan it as a girls day! It will give you the chance to relax, unwind, sip some wine and mark another item off of your to-do list. Keep in mind that even though you may have plenty of nail polish options at the salon, if you're very particular about what color you want, you may want to bring your own. Gel nail polish may be another great option as it tends to go about 2 weeks without chipping. I like it because it's resistant, has a beautiful shine and because you can leave the salon without worrying about messing it up since they use a UV light to "cure" it. If you're looking to get artificial nails, make sure you choose a salon that offers that as not all places do. Read some of my tips on how to have an at home spa day here

At-Home Spa Day-  If you're on a budget you can always create your own spa day at home! I think this is another wonderful idea to do with your friends or bridesmaids. You can work with the polishes that you have or invest in a special one from your local beauty supply store. There are some awesome tips/tricks on Youtube or Pinterest for DIY nails!

Press-on Nails- I love these little guys. They are fast, easy and can provide an instant professional looking manicure! You can get them from your local beauty supply store or online from NailHur (my personal favorite). I like to slightly buff my real nail before applying the falsies as I find the nails stay on much longer (for me, about 1-1.5 weeks). I also like to give some of my false nails a quick coat of clear nail polish just to add more shine or an extra layer of protection.

Happy polishing! 

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