Bridal Makeup Tips

If you're like me, Pinterest is your best friend! It can be a great resource to search for the bridal look you would like to achieve on your wedding day. Think about what kind of look you're going for and do some digging! Bridal magazines can also be a big help. Here are some tips to help get you started:

Season- I think it's important to consider what time of year it is when deciding on what kind of bridal look you want. You don't want your face to feel too light in the winter and too heavy in the summer. 

Theme- You may want to incorporate the theme of your wedding into the style of your makeup. Perhaps if it's, say, vintage, you may want to work that into your look with a winged eye liner.

Dress- Having your makeup style harmonize with your dress style is a definite plus!

Comfort Zone- There's nothing wrong with choosing a look that's different than what you'd usually wear on any other given day, but try not to choose a look that you're uncertain with. You don't want to feel (and look) like a totally different person as you walk down the aisle!

Trial Run- These are so important because it will give you a very good idea of what you can expect when your makeup is applied on your big day. This also gives you and your makeup artist the opportunity to chat about any tweaks you'd like to make. If you plan on using a self tanner on your wedding day you may also want to go to your trial with that bronzed glow. 

The Prep- If you plan on using any new products such as masks, moisturizers, etc. be sure to try them weeks in advance to rule out tackling any skin reactions that may happen too close to your wedding day! 

Some extra pointers from Ness of Ness Beauty Makeover:

  •  Cameras and lights will tone down your makeup, put in a little more makeup than what you normally wear.
  •  Carry a few touch-up products in your makeup bag such as lipstick, oil-absorbing sheets, etc.
  •  Bring images of the makeup you really like with you on the trial day, explain to your makeup artist what it is you like about the makeup in the picture. Your makeup artist will figure out what works best for your skin tone and facial features.
  •  Make sure you do your trial at least three weeks before your wedding.
  •  Use a long-lasting and waterproof makeup products that will see you through your wedding day and night. 
  •  If you were contact lenses on your wedding day, put them on at least an hour prior to your makeup.


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