How to Prepare for your In-Home Session

If you've never had a professional photo-shoot done before, you’re definitely not alone! Rest assured, once we begin our shoot together I will do my absolute best to make you as comfortable as possible :)

My advice:

- This may go without saying, but cleaning your home so that it’s picture-ready is super important. It’s best to clean and organize each room, in case we end up using rooms that you may not have considered ahead of time. If there is a room with a lot of light, I’d like to take advantage of that!

- Not sure what wear? I always suggest wearing something that you're comfortable in. My only request is that I tell my clients to avoid neon clothing as it can reflect on the skin. I think it's also great if you are able to coordinate your clothing. Try not to get too matchy-matchy, but harmony can look great (i.s complimenting colors, textures, etc.) 

- Coordinate your outfits before hand so that your not rushing or worrying about what you're going to wear the day of your shoot.  

- Bring a change of outfit so that we can get a variety of different styles. 

- You may want to consider having your hair and/or makeup done. This isn't necessary, but it can be a nice touch if you're looking to get a little pampered that day and want to look extra special. If you do, be sure to let them know you have a photo-shoot since this is something the MUA should keep in mind when applying makeup. 

- If you're thinking about bringing your pet along with you to your shoot make sure that your pet is comfortable in this sort of setting (ex. good with people) Treats may be a good thing to bring so you can reward them for their good behavior.

- Wondering if you should use props? Heck ya! I encourage it. It can be so fun and create some pretty cool shots. If you're not sure what you'd like to use, think about using something that may be important to you as a family. Maybe you guys like to play boards games. Maybe you like to do some kind of activity at that is unique and that you all love to do when you have some down time. If you like to play guitar as a family, we can get some cute shots of that! The list is endless, really. :)  

- Be yourself. While having some nicely posed shots can make for some great pictures, candid pictures of couples just being themselves (perhaps even momentarily forgetting I'm there with my camera) are just as awesome. 

If you have any questions or hesitations, get in touch! I'm here to make our session as smooth as possible! :)