How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

If you've never had a professional photo-shoot done before, then you may be a little nervous as to what to expect which is totally understandable. But rest assured, once we begin our shoot together I will do my absolute best to make you as comfortable as possible! I understand if you're not a professional model, and I definitely don't need you to try to be one, as long as your open to a some guidance, well have a fun and successful shoot!

My main goal for our session is for you to feel at ease, have lots of fun and get some pretty awesome photos along the way! I want my photos of the both of you to reflect your spirits and the love you share for each other. Some of my favorite shots are the candid ones where my clients are goofing around and are just being themselves. I also love the more quiet, intimate moments when they're wrapped up in each others arms. And some of the best photos come from the brief minutes when it's like they've almost forgotten that I'm even there... it's beautiful and melts my heart, every gosh darn time! 

My advice:

- Not sure what wear? I always suggest wearing something that you're comfortable in. Some other important elements to consider: Are we shooting outdoor or indoor? Will there be a lot of walking? What will the weather be like? Is there access to a washroom so you can do an outfit change (in case you have a longer session and want both casual and formal photos)? My only request is that I tell my clients to avoid neon clothing as it can reflect on the skin. I think it's also great if you are able to coordinate your clothing. Try not to get too matchy-matchy, but harmony can look great (i.s complimenting colors, textures, etc.) 

- Coordinate your outfits before hand so that your not rushing or stressing about what you're going to wear the day of your shoot.  

- Bring a change of outfit so that we can get a variety of different styles. 

- You may want to consider having your hair and/or makeup done. This isn't necessary, but it can be a nice touch if you're looking to get a little pampered that day and want to look extra special. If you do, be sure to let them know you have a photo-shoot since this is something the MUA should keep in mind when applying makeup. 

- If you're thinking about bringing your pet along with you to your shoot make sure that your pet is comfortable in this sort of setting (ex. good with people and other animals). Also, make sure the location is animal friendly. Lastly, make sure you have scheduled enough time because having an animal with you on the shoot may take up extra time. Treats may be a good thing to bring so you can reward them for their good behavior. I suggest bringing water too, just in case.

- Wondering if you should bring props? Heck ya! I encourage it. It can be so fun and create some pretty cool shots. If you're not sure what you'd like to bring, think about bringing something that may be important to you as a couple. Maybe you guys like to go on long drives in your cool car, if so, bring it! Maybe you both like to go on picnics together, if so, bring that picnic gear! If you like to play guitar, bring that! The list is endless, really. :)  

- Be yourself. While having some nicely posed shots can make for some great pictures, candid pictures of couples just being themselves (perhaps even momentarily forgetting I'm there with my camera) are just as awesome. 

If you have any questions or hesitations, get in touch! I'm here to make our session as smooth as possible :)